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Our goal is to provide the best Service and Training to keep your plant running smooth and efficient. With just one call, G.E.I. Fluid Power can provide the Training, Services, or Parts you need to keep you running in the areas of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electrical, Mechanical, and Lubrication. G.E.I. Fluid Power serves a wide range of customers in a variety of industries including: Aluminum, Automotive, Foundries, Plastics, Rubber, Machine Tools, and Steel, as well as Mobile, just to name a few.

To survive in today's global economy it is essential to reduce costs. Together, with G.E.I. Fluid Power's service, we can minimize down time, increase current equipment longevity and production levels.

Having been in the manufacturing and service fields for over 30 years puts G.E.I. in a unique position to evaluate and implement changes that will minimize down time, increase the life of your machinery which in turn will promote your bottom line.

Using our background in the areas of production, maintenance, and purchasing, G.E.I. Fluid Power can analyze your operations from a realistic ground up approach, NOT just a Theoretical Perspective. Our philosophy is to build a relationship (by reviewing all aspects of your operation) that will enhance your competitive edge in today’s market.

Our mission at G.E.I. Fluid Power is Service, for we believe that service is the key to keeping your plant running smoothly and efficiently, your time is our time.

Will come when needed, even in the middle of the night.


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